MyRack Safety Spotter Arms

MyRack Safety Spotter Arms Add Peace of Mind and Extra Protection

The Nuts and Bolts

The Force USA MyRack Safety Spotter arms are a pair of easily adjustable half safeties that add instant peace of mind to your MyRack power rack.

These spotter arms offer nylon inserts to protect your barbell and are completely interchangeable on your MyRack base unit.

Exclusively compatible with the Force USA MyRack and Folding MyRack Power Rack.

Important: If you plan to use these on the front of your MyRack, we recommend bolting the rack down to avoid any movement during a failed lift.

Sold as a set of two.


Upright Size:
2.4 in square (60 mm)
Pin Hole Size:
5/8 in (16 mm)
Weight Rating:
1000 lb (450 kg)

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