Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer

Finally, a Half Rack That Can Do More Than Just Squats and Benches!

The pin and plate-loaded Force USA X15 Pro base unit includes six strength training machines, 15 attachments, and over 400 exercise possibilities combined into one professional-grade home gym system.

The base unit combines six strength training machines into a single Half Rack footprint, saving thousands of dollars versus buying each station separately—in a fraction of the floor space.

As if the base unit weren't versatile enough, the optional X15 Upgrade Kit adds 3x additional workout stations, 4x storage shelves, a TV mount, and 4x functional attachments for one irresistible price!

Who is the Force USA X15 Pro For?

  • You want a multi-trainer without a Smith Machine
  • You want a Half Rack with a Functional Trainer
  • Your workout space is limited
  • You want to skip the commute to the gym
  • You want to buy right instead of twice
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