Force USA G3 Upgrade Kit

Level Up Your Force USA G3!

The G3 upgrade kit adds two additional strength training stations and two functional attachments to add even more versatility to your workouts.

Low Row Footplate

Low Rows improve stamina and strength using low-impact pulls from a seated position. The Low Row Plate upgrade measures 22" x 9"  and features slip-resistant diamond plating with a black powder-coated finish for added durability and grip. Adjusts to three different angles. 

Lat Pulldown Seat

Target your lats, biceps, rear delts, rhomboids, and traps using the Lat Pulldown Seat upgrade. It attaches to the front upright, so you can quickly and easily begin your pulldown sets and adjust your seat for a perfect fit.

Lat Pulldown Bar

When used with the Lat pulldown seat, the lat pulldown bar helps target and strengthen your back muscles for better posture and spinal stability. The lat pulldown bar connects to the cable pulley system and weight stack for a smooth and targeted lat workout.

Close Grip Triangle

The Close Grip Triangle is a versatile standard grip attachment with dual handles that measure 8" long with 1.2" diameter handles. Hooks onto the G3's functional trainer cable pulley system so you can isolate different back muscles during Lat Rows and Pulldowns.

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