Force USA G1 All-In-One Trainer

Introducing the Perfect Plate Loaded Functional Trainer & Power Rack

The Foundation of Your Home Gym Is Here

The Force USA G1 All-In-One is the ultimate launch pad for your home training. It's a home gym that grows with you, with upgradeable attachments and exercises that add versatility as you progress.

Target every major muscle group, from shoulders and arms to chest, back, core, and legs. When you own a G1, you can take your squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and leg presses to new levels.

Experience seamless transitions between powerlifting, cable workouts, suspension training, and chin-ups/pull-ups within a sturdy, space-saving design built on a power rack foundation.

Effortless Storage Solutions
Effortlessly store your weight plates, attachments, and barbell on the base unit. Keep your plates, attachments, and barbell off the floor for easy racking and re-racking.

Quick, Hassle-Free Assembly
The G1 offers the convenience of a straightforward assembly process and is the easiest All-In-One Trainer to assemble. With an average assembly time of 2-3 hours, you'll be ready to train in no time.

Built to Last
The G1 All-In-One Trainer is built to last and includes a lifetime structural warranty. Built from heavy gauge structured steel tubing, tough PVC and rubber in heavy-use areas, long-lasting clear coating with anti-rust protections, and eco-friendly powder coating.

Unlock the Force USA Training App—For Free!
The Force USA Training App is the all-in-one training app for you all All-In-One Trainer. And now it's included with every All-In-One purchase—absolutely free! Gain instant access to customizable 4, 8, or 12-week programs, 365+ daily workouts, 200+ exercise video demonstrations, and more!

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